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Graduates of recognized education prog​​rams

The application process for graduates of a BCCNM-recognized midwifery education program in Canada

​​​Registration with the BC College of Nurses and Midwives (BCCNM) is required in order for an individual to practice midwifery in British Columbia. If you are a graduate from a BCCNM recognized midwifery education program, you can apply for registration to practice in one of the following registration classes:

Practisin​​​​​g midwife reg​​istration 

Midwives who hold practising registration are permitted to practice in the full scope of midwifery care in B.C. As a program graduate, you will be subject to BCCNM’s Policy on New Registrant Requirements​​.

Provisional midwife r​​egistration

If you do not meet all the requirements for practising midwife registration you may be eligible for provisional midwife registration. You may practice in the full scope of midwifery pending the results of the Canadian Midwifery Registration Examination or the BC Jurisprudence Examination. Or you may practice with limits and conditions while completing educational upgrading courses or a period of supervised practice during a monitored and specific time period to address deficiencies in the knowledge, skills or abilities required for practising midwife registration.

Application an​​d Process​

Instructions on how a graduate from a BCCNM-recognized midwifery education program can seek midwife registration are provided below.

​1. Prepare your documents

To avoid delays in processing your application, prepare the following documents before you start your application. Refer to the Policy on Continuing Competencies to ensure that your certifications and courses meet BCCNM's requirements:

  • Proof of graduation
  • Notarized copies of two pieces of identification​ including proof of authorization to reside and work in Canada.
  • Proof of valid certification in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
  • Proof of valid certification in emergency skills workshop (ES)
  • Proof of valid completion of a Fetal Health Surveillance (FHS) course
  • Proof of valid completion of a Canadian neonatal resuscitation (NRP) course
  • Signed New Registrant Mentorship Agreement​ listing the name of an established practice and the practising midwives where you intend to address the new registrant requirements
  • Consent for release of Letter of Standing and Professional Conduct if you have ever been a registered health professional in another jurisdiction
2. Apply to BCCNM
Submit the form and all required supporting documentation to BCCNM Registration Services by:
3. Pay fees​
Pay the application fee of $230+GST and the B.C. jurisprudence exam fee of $300. Instruction for online payment will be provided once your application is received.
4. Education: official transcript
Arrange for your university to forward your official transcript to BCCNM. Documents must be received directly from the educational institution. You must also send us a copy of your diploma.
5. Professional references
Arrange for three professional references to be sent directly to BCCNM using the Reference form​.
6. Canadian Midwifery Registration Exam
Write and pass the Canadian Midwifery Registration Exam​
Complete the Opioids and Benzodiazepines: Safe Prescribing for Midwives Course​ if you have not already done so during your midwifery education. Submit your course completion certificate to BCCNM.
7. Criminal record check
Consent to a criminal record check. Instructions on how to request and consent to a criminal record check in Canada and/or other applicable jurisdictions will be provided once application is reviewed.
8. Pay registration fees
Pay your registration fee. Instructions on online payment by credit card and the amount required will be provided once application is approved.
9. Professional liability insurance
Obtain professional liability insurance from the Midwives Association of BC​.
10​. Wait for confirmation of registration from BCCNM
Once you have paid your registration fees, we will send you an email confirming that you have been granted registration. You must not practise as a midwife until you receive confirmation of registration.

Haven't received a confirmation email?
Registration will not be granted until your payment has been received. Before calling to check on the status of your application, please:

  • Double-check that you submitted your application and that your payment went through
  • Check your junk mail and spam folders​​​