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Registration renewal is open!

W​hat you need to know​

​​T​imelines and deadlines
Renewal opens: July 4, 2022

D​eadline for submission of renewal applications and payment of fees: August 31, 2022​ at 4:30 p.m.
​​​The renewal application: What to expect
It will take 20-30 minutes to complete your application. You'll be asked to:

  • Review your contact information 
  • Consent to a criminal record check (if applicable)
  • Disclose any new criminal charges or convictions (including pardons)
  • Acknowledge you have read and understand all of the consent and declaration requirements
  • Pay your renewal fee
Criminal charges or convictions? Renew early!
As part of your application you'll be asked to disclose any criminal charges and/or convictions. If you have any new criminal charges and/or convictions to disclose, please complete your renewal application as soon as possible to ensure your application can be processed before the renewal deadline. 
Registration renewal fees are set on an annual basis by the BCCNM Board. View fees for student midwives.
What happens if you don't renew on time
  • If you do not renew by the deadline, your registration will expire. You must not practise or study as a student midwife unless you hold registration.
  • To regain your registration status, you will need to re-apply for student midwife registration before paying your registration fees.
What do I do if I'm on a leave of absence from my education program?
If you are on a leave of absence from your education program, you have the following options:

1.  Renew your student midwife registration and pay the registration fee to maintain your registration until Aug. 31, 2023.

2. Allow your student midwife registration to lapse and reapply for student midwife registration (and pay the application and registration fees) prior to your return to your education program. If you select this option, please apply well in advance of your anticipated return, as BCCNM does not expedite the assessment process to accommodate program start dates.

How to renew your registration

1. Gather the information you need
  • Your email address and password (this is the same email and password you used with CMBC; do not create a new account)
  • Your payment information (see payment options)
2. Complete the renewal application

Important: Once you submit your application, you cannot edit your responses. If you need to make changes after you have submitted your application, please email​.

3. Submit your payment
After completing your application form, you will pay your fees using one of the secure online payment options.
​​​4. Wait for confirmation of registration from BCCNM
  • Once you submit your completed application and pay your renewal fee, BCCNM Registration staff will assess your application to ensure you meet the registration requirements.
  • If your application is approved, you will be sent a confirmation of registration email to the email address on file with BCCNM.
  • Until you receive this email, your renewal application is still in progress and has not been approved.

Haven't received a confirmation email? Your application won't be assessed until you submit your completed application and payment. Before calling to check on the status of your application, please:

  • Double-check that you submitted your application and that your payment went through
  • Check your junk mail and spam folders​


​​​If you have questions about how to renew, please contact BCCNM Registration Services at​ or 604.742.6200.​​​