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​The applicant, preceptor, and employer have clear roles and responsibilities during both the proposal stage and, if approved, the completion of Supervised Practice Experience (SPE).

 SPE proposal

Applicant Preceptor Employer
  • Finds an employer willing to provide a preceptor
  • Develops a learning and evaluation plan in collaboration with preceptor
  • Submits proposal to Registration Committee
  • If approved, obtains provisional registration with BCCNM
  • Prepares for clinical experience by reviewing relevant theory policies and resources
  • Reviews and signs the SPE Agreement (Form 68) 
  • Completes a statement of background
  • Helps applicant develop the proposal (including the learning and evaluation plan) by providing information re: agency, client population, nursing roles and responsibilities, agency resources etc.
  • Reviews SPE information and agrees to the SPE
  • Identifies appropriate preceptor(s)
  • Completes the SPE Agreement (Form 68)

 Completion of SPE

Applicant Preceptor Employer
  • Participates in agency orientation
  • Implements learning and evaluation plan including maintaining a journal, record of hours, list of new learning needs identified
  • Communicates learning needs, opportunities and any concerns through appropriate channels
  • In collaboration with preceptor, completes evaluation and submits notification of completion of the SPE to unit manager
  • Introduces applicant to the area, staff and environment
  • Orients applicant to area-specific policies, procedures and resources
  • Works with the applicant in the implementation of the learning and evaluation plan
  • Communicates any difficulties, concerns, alternative objectives or learning activities with applicant and area manager
  • Completes final performance appraisal in collaboration with applicant and submits evaluation to area manager
  • Schedules agency orientation
  • Schedules applicant into preceptor rotation
  • Assigns designate to cover preceptor illness or unscheduled days off
  • Communicates with preceptor(s) and applicant on a regular basis to evaluate progress and makes necessary changes (e.g. assignments)
  • Contacts BCCNM regarding concerns or for clarification as necessary
  • Provides written confirmation of successful completion of SPE and sends Form 90: SPE Evaluation Form directly to BCCNM