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Scope of Practice FAQs

Below you'll find FAQs on a variety of LPN scope-related topics. Don't see the information you're looking for? Contact our team by completing the Stan​​dards Support intake form​.

The dietitian wrote an order for my client that includes enteral feeds and multi-vitamins. Can I act on this order?

No, it's not within the LPN scope of practice to act on orders given by a dietitian (non listed health professional) for a client's therapeutic diet or nutritional plan. LPNs must obtain a client-specific order from a listed health professional – i.e., physician or NP.

The Dietitians Regulation authorizes dietitians to assess nutritional needs, and design, implement and evaluate nutritional care plans and therapeutic diets. Dietitians recommend Schedule Ill and unscheduled vitamins and minerals as part of a nutritional care plan or therapeutic diet. Dietitians have clinical expertise in the design of nutritional care plans and therapeutic diets. Nurses seek advice and receive direction from dietitians in these clinical areas to provide safe and effective care to clients.

Do I need a client-specific order for my client’s oral diet?

Determining oral diet is a non restricted activity, which means a nurse, or another health professional, can decide a client’s diet. However, employers/organizations may narrow scope of practice around determining client diet and set specific polices and procedures--see Controls on Practice on the scope resource page. Review your employer’s policies and guidelines so you are aware of any restrictions that apply.​