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Courtney, an LPN, works in a community health care setting.

p>​​​In her role she autonomously provides influenza and pneumococcal immunizations to clients. Courtney completed the BC Centre for Disease Control's (BCCDC's) education requirements, attaining the competencies to perform immunizations.

Courtney knows that immunizing clients to prevent disease is within her LPN autonomous scope of practice (without an order).  She also knows that when administering immunoprophylactic agents to her clients, she follows:

  • organization/employer policy
  • BCCDC decision support tools  
  • BCCNM Scope of Practice for LPNs limits and conditions related to administering immunizations when acting without an order (autonomous scope of practice) and Medication Practice Standards

Courtney understands that when immunizing her clients, she is:

  • doing so within a team approach, which supports her in her autonomous scope of practice.
  • depending on the client's situation, she needs to decide whether to  proceed with immunizing the client, whether she needs to obtain  a client-specific order to immunize the client, or have another health professional take over the care of the client.
  •  authorized to immunize clients who are four years of age or older and who are in stable or predictable states of health 
  •  not allowed to autonomously compound, dispense, or administer immunoprophylactic agents to prevent disease in travelers

What's next?

A client arrives for their appointment. Courtney:

  • Explains the activity to the client, reviews the client's history, including enquiring about any previous allergic reactions/underlying health conditions
  • Follows the decision support tool for immunizations to confirm that it is appropriate for her to immunize this client at this time
  • Obtains the client's (or substitute decision maker) consent
  • Administers the immunization
  • Observes her client to check for any allergic reactions and provides information to the client post immunization
  • Documents the activity on the client's health record

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Need help or advice?

For information on the Standards of Practice or professional practice matters, contact us:

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  • Toll-free 1.866.880.7101 x8803 (within Canada only)