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Hong Wei, an LPN, works in a provincial corrections facility. Robert, an inmate, requires a tuberculosis (TB) skin test.

Hong Wei has acquired the competencies established by BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC) to carry out TB screening. She knows she can carry out this activity without an order.

What's next?

  • Hong Wei explains the procedure to Robert

  • Hong Wei follows BCCDC decision support tools and employer policy

  • Hong Wei administers purified protein derivative (PPD) by intradermal injection

  • Hong Wei observes Robert for 15 minutes to check for an allergic reaction

  • Hong Wei informs Robert she will read the test results in 48-72 hours

  • Hong Wei documents the procedure on Robert’s health record

  • Hong Wei refers Robert to an appropriate health care professional if the test result is positive

  • Hong Wei documents the TB skin test results in Robert’s health record along with any consultation or referral (including who was consulted and what was recommended)

What is entry-level practice?

Entry-level practical nursing education programs teach intradermal injections.

Which BCCNM LPN limits and conditions apply?

LPNs who​ administer PPD, read the results and refer the client to an appropriate health professional:

  • Follow BCCDC decision support tools​

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