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Joe is an LPN caring for Mr. Fenwick who is four days post-operative and is vomiting and dehydrated. Mr. Fenwick has KCL infusing through a peripheral intravenous (IV) line.​


 Joe knows that changing IV bags containing KCL (compounded commercially or by a pharmacist) infusing via peripheral access is within the Scope of Practice for LPNs. He knows he has the competence to perform this activity safely. He follows his organization/employer policy when changing the IV bag containing KCL.

What's next?

  • Joe checks Mr. Fenwick's client records for client-specific orders
  • Joe follows BCCNM's LPN Scope of Practice Standards for Acting with Client-specific Orders and his organization/employer policies.
  • Joe explains to Mr. Fenwick what he will be doing and answers any questions.
  • Joe assesses the IV insertion site for any signs of infection and monitors the IV infusion
  • Joe communicates and collaborates with his nursing team as needed
  • Joe documents his nursing actions and client response in the client's record

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