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​Leaving practice/maternity leave

If you are currently a practising registrant and will be taking a leave (or maternity leave) from nursing in 2023​​, you have the option of maintaining your registration, becoming a former registrant or converting to non-practising registration. Learn more on the Leaving or Returning to practice page.


  • ​If your leave from practice/maternity leave starts AFTER April 1 you must renew. After your leave starts, you can apply for a pro-rated refund on your registration fees.

  • You do not need to convert to non-practising registratio​n while you are on leave. 

  • The process to reinstate to practising registration is the same, regardless of whether you hold non-practising registration or you let your registration lapse.​ ​

Returning to practice 

If you cancelled your registration or became a non-practising registrant before you went on leave (including maternity leave) and are gearing up to return to practice, what you need to do depends on your return to work date. Instructions on how to reinstate your registration can be found on the Leaving or Returning to Practice page. ​

Please submit your reinstatement application at least four weeks before your return to work date.​ ​

Reinstatement applications take longer to process because we need to review when you last practised, as well as evidence of good character, fitness to practice and competency requirements. ​​​

Submitting an application does not mean you can work

You cannot return to work until you have received a confirmation email from BCCNM that you have been granted practising registration. After your reinstatement is approved, your updated status will also be listed on our nurse verification tool​. ​​​​​

When are you returning to work?

Before March 31
You must apply to reinstate your practising registration (and receive confirmation of reinstatement), and then complete a renewal application. Apply as early as possible to ensure you have time to reinstate your registration and then renew.
On April 1
Apply to reinstate your practising registration with the start date of April 1.
After April 1
Apply to reinstate your practising registration for your return to work date. ​