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Renewal for dual registrants

​Dual registrants are individuals that hold more than one nursing designation (LPN, NP, RN, RPN), or hold registration as a nurse and a midwife in British Columbia

Renewal applications

You will still need to complete a renewal application for each registration you want to maintain. We’re working on making this easier for you, but our current system still processes each application separately.


For the time being, you will continue to pay a separate registration fee for each designation. This is because the costs associated with assessing your application, and regulating you as a registrant in that designation, have not yet been integrated.

CNPS professional liability protection

If you hold practising RN and RPN registration, you will only pay for CNPS professional liability protection once.

Practice hours requirements 

The practice hours requirement for each designation remains unchanged:

Counting practice hours

Hours counted should be specific to the registration you are renewing (e.g., If you are renewing your RPN registration, you should only be counting hours worked in RPN scope), as you always have.

Primary employer

The primary employer should be the employer that you work with most in the designation you are renewing (e.g., If you are renewing your RPN registration, list the employer that you work for the most in an RPN role).​​