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Applicants who applied BEFORE January 31, 2023

I applied to BCCNM before January 31, 2023. Can I be part of the new registration process?  
Yes. Your application will be automatically managed with priority through the new registration process, and you will benefit from the same time-saving processes and lowered costs. BCCNM or NCAS will contact you with next steps if required. 
Should I cancel my application and re-apply under the new registration process?
No. Your current application will get assessed faster than if you re-applied. It will be managed with priority through the new registration process.

If you choose to cancel your application, your BCCNM fees will not be refunded and you may have to meet certain requirements again when you re-apply. 


Do I need to apply to NCAS before I apply to BCCNM?
  • Both applications can be started at the same time, but we recommend you start with NCAS first.
  • Once you have submitted your NCAS application, come back and start an application with BCCNM.
  • We recommend that you work toward completing the requirements for your NCAS and BCCNM applications at the same time so the application process moves as quickly as possible.
I'm not currently living in Canada. Can I apply?
The NCAS application is valid for one year. If you're planning to move to Canada in the next year, visit the NCAS website​ to start an application.
I have/will have an NNAS report. Can I apply to the new process?
Yes. NNAS advisory reports are no longer required, but they will continue to be accepted.

Costs and financial support

How much can I expect the registration process to cost?
  • There is a full list of estimated registration process costs on the IEN application page under "Important information before you apply".
  • The NCAS application and BCCNM application are free (due to funding from the Government of B.C.)
  • If you sign up for the B.C. government's Internationally Educated Nurse Bursary Program, the NCAS competency assessment will be free, and other fees will be paid back to you.
What is the Internationally Educated Nurse Bursary Program? 
The Internationally Educated Nurse Bursary Program provides financial support to offset the costs of becoming registered as a nurse in British Columbia. Visit ​to apply for the Internationally Educated Nurse Bursary Program, and learn about other services and supports available to you through Health Match BC​.
Do I have to apply to the Internationally Educated Nurse Bursary Program in order to go through the new registration process? 
You do not have to apply to the bursary program in order to apply for registration in B.C. However, you do need to sign a return of service form with the Government of B.C. in order to have the competency assessment costs removed and to have other fees related to the registration process returned to you. Visit​ for more information. 

The registration process

Will my nursing employment still need to be verified?
Yes. Your current and previous employers will need to provide information about your employment history directly to BCCNM. When it is time to collect this information, we will send you the forms that need to be completed by the employers.
Does the new process involve a competency assessment? How will I know if I need one?
Competency assessments will continue to be used to review your current nursing skills against the competencies  needed for nursing practice in B.C. NCAS will review your application and documents and decide if a competency assessment is required. Most internationally educated nurses will need to complete a competency assessment. Learn more about the competency assessment on the NCAS website
​How will English language proficiency be assessed differently?
Please visit the NCAS website for more information on English language proficiency requirements.


Why are you focusing on internationally educated nurses?
IENs face the lengthiest and most expensive journey to gaining registration in Canada vs. other applicant streams. The government of British Columbia has provided funding to support this initiative in order to address barriers that IENs experience in their efforts to become registered in B.C.​​​